Solanie Vita White and AHA peel products are here to reach flawless skin in 8 weeks14.01.2021


Women are very keen on to have flawless skin, free of freckles and brown aging spots. Winter season is the perfect time to perform skin-whitening treatments and decrease pigmentation of the skin caused by the UV rays. 

Skin whitening effect can be reached by using products containing Alpha hydroxy acids (i.e. citric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid). AHA exfoliants are gentle on skin and can help promote collagen production, improve appearance of wrinkles, prevent acne breakouts and result in a brighter complexion too.

Try our Vita White and AHA peel products:

CleansingSolanie Aloe Vera Intensive Cleansing Foam 200ml – SO10910 

Peeling: Solanie Mango-rice AHA scrub 30ml– SO20901 


Serum: Solanie AHA-peel serum - first time use 5% (SO21801), later based on the skin's reaction change to 10% (SO21802), then 25% (SO21803) 

Serum: Solanie Vita White brightening elixir 30ml – SO21901 

Mask: Solanie AHA peel skin restructuring mask 100ml – SO21901; leave it on the skin 3-10 minutes, checking the skin continuously, if the skin gets irritated remove it immediately 

Tonifying: After removing the mask, use the Solanie Face Toner with Antibacterial Elements, in order to restore skin's pH 

Serum: Solanie Vita White Vitamin C serum 30ml – SO31901 

Moisturizing: Solanie Vita White massage mask 100ml  - SO21904 – use of ultrasound is highly recommended to penetrate the active ingredients into the deeper layer of the skin 

Peel-off mask: Depending on the skin type, use the right peel-off mask (SO34001 – SO34007

Day cream: Solanie Vita White SPF 15 day cream 50ml – SO11903


Client at home should be using the following products in order to help achieving the best result:

Solanie AHA peel serum 5% (SO11801)

Vita White brightening elixir (SO11901)

and Vita White day (SO11902) and night cream (SO11903) for eight weeks.

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