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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 22.12.2022

This year brought us new challenges again, but despite this fact, we were able to collect many positive experiences. We introduced many new products under the Solanie and... moreÂť
Aroma Sense Summer Tips & Hints

Aroma Sense Summer Tips & Hints 04.08.2022

We spend more time outside summer, go from one pool to an other and these conditions may leave their mark on our skin. Sun exposure can cause damage to the skin, and it will need... moreÂť
New So fine product on board

New So fine product on board 03.08.2022

As Solanie’s So fine line is getting more and more popular, it is out now with a brand new product: Active Shape Slimming Contour Gel 150ml. more»
All you need to know about eyelash curls

All you need to know about eyelash curls 07.07.2022

Eyelash extension is in its heyday, with an increasing emphasis on different effects and styling techniques, for which a comprehensive knowledge of curles is essential. If you're a... moreÂť
Alveola received numerous Superbrands awards

Alveola received numerous Superbrands awards 24.06.2022

The Superbrands program was established by Brand Council in England in 1995. Today this qualifying system works in 90 countries all over the world. Participation in Superbrands is... moreÂť

About us

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The almost 30 years-old Alveola showing unbroken development and growth has gained wider and wider areas of the beauty trade. During the last years, Alveola Corporation became a dominant and inomissible member of the European beauty branch, especially in cosmetics. Our brands represent high-end class and stable reliability with packaging fitting the latest trends. Our intention is to open for foreign markets. We already have a decisive role in the export market through our wholesaler and retailer partners. We are looking for business partners with competence and expertise enabling them to insure adequate commercial background. With their professional skills and assistance, we expect our future partners to build the reputation of Alveola further and help to improve our products by means of...
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Alveola Ltd.
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Tel.: (+36 -1) 251-2270,
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