Youthful skin without needles - the cosmetics of the 21st century29.03.2021

The Solanie 3 Peptides line is based on supercomplexes. The products offer an effective solution for those who are afraid of needles used in medical aesthetic treatments. These cosmetics reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by contraction of facial muscles in particularly critical areas (on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes) and prevent the formation of new crow’s feet and lines.


The Peptide-in facial creams help increase the effectiveness of elixirs, and enclose the active ingredients of the elixires (NeodermylÂŽ, ArgirelinÂŽ and LeuphasylÂŽ) deep into the skin, thus ensuring the long-lasting firming effect.

The 3 Peptides supercomplexes can also help specific skin problems. They can eliminate oily shine and inflammation and reduce redness and unpleasant irritation on the skin.

Discover Solanie 3 Peptide line and perform a salon treatment or set up your daily routine at home.

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