X-epil Hair Removal and Intimate Care products

Today, hair removal has joined the ranks of everyday activities; as it is important not only from the point of view of aesthetics, but it also an integral part of everyday grooming and hygiene. There are a wide variety of hair removal methods and tools for removing hairs protruding from the skin surface in a more humane and effective way.You can choose between several hair removal procedures from the X - Epil product family range such as depilatory creams, cold wax, hot wax, shaving or hair removal with different waxing systems. Hair removal creams belong to the quick and painlessprocedures.

Today, the cleanliness and hygiene is an important part of intimacy. Particular attention should be paid to the purity and freshness of intimate body parts. A healthy woman has clean vagina, produced by lactic acid bacteria in it shall ensure the appropriate balance. However, if this balance fall over, the vagina has weakened defenses, and thus decreases the resistance of the intimate area from infections. It is important to know that the average daily soaps and shower gels are not suitable to the care of the intimate areas, since it is alkaline, and thus menace the slightly acidic pH balance of intimate areas.

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Intimate Cosmetics

Enhance intimate pleasure with X-Epil intimate cosmetics. Set the mood...
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X-Epil: Sugaring

Sugaring or sugar waxing is a method of hair removal that has been...
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Accessories for depilation

The perfect finishing to hair removal is as important as waxing...
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Intimate washing gels

X-Epil Intimo products provides mild and gentle cleansing for intimate...
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Depilation creams

Removing hair with a hair removal cream is a simple, quick and...
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Disposable and Refillable Woman Razors

For those who like the fastest, easiest, most comfortable way of...
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Pregnancy Tests rapid strips

Simple and easy-to-use; quick result. The X-Epil pregnancy test is...
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Ready to use wax strips

Special pre-prepared cold wax strips, which allow fast and effective...
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Pregnancy Test Pen

X-Epil pregnancy tests are almost 100% accuracy are easy to use in any...
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Wax Heater Sets

Ergonomically designed waxing devices that are hygienic to be used at...
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Wax sets

These waxing machines were especially developed for use at home. Due...
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Intimate wet wipes

Wipes are calming, caring and refreshing. It contains Aloe Vera and...
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X-Epil Sensation Epilator for long-lasting smoothness.
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