Wear face mask and stay safe!07.05.2020

Wear face mask and stay safe!


These days it’s essential to always keep a mask in our pocket, because we must wear it on public transport and even in shops. Please keep yourself protected so you can also help protect others.


Alveola gives you four mask types to choose and order from, depending on your priorities and what works for you the best!

 For those of you with glasses on, we suggest to choose face mask with nose wire. For the ones who have to wear it all day because of work for example we suggest the most comfortable reusable and washable ones. And for those who have loved ones who are in high risk you need the strongest protection, so FFP2 mask is recommended.

 Choose the right one for yourself, your colleagues, clients or loved ones.


With the nose wire it has been designed to fit snugly around nose so it harmonizes with your face shape. It can give you 3 hours protection.


  •  Material: PP melt-blown non-woven fabric
  • Easy to shape nose wire
  •  Strong elastic strap with proper sewing
  • Size: 10 cm X 17 cm
  • 5 pieces/package
  • CE qualification
  • Store: in dry place, at room temperature


Protect yourself and your loved ones with KN98/FFP2 mask that can be used more than once. It adjusts perfectly to the shape of your face, and it gives you the proper protection with its 4 layers to prevents the in- and exhale of viruses. While provide high level protection it also allows you easy breathing.


  • Adjust perfectly to the shape of your face
  • Easy to fit nose clamp
  • 4-layer protection
  • It can be used several times
  • KN95/FFP2 filtration
  • CE certificated product
  • 2 pieces mask/package


It is a comfortable and reusable, 100% cotton mask. Can be washed at 90 °C, several times. Make sure to use iron only on the reverse side.


  • Comfortable soft material
  • Easy to quickly put on with its elastic straps
  • Washable
  •  Ironable on the opposite side of Solanie logo
  •  It can be used several times


It’s a soft material face mask that can be used more than once and has 2 textil layers, that helps prevent toxins go into your nose and mouth.


  • Washable on 90 °C
  •  Desinfacting possible
  •  Ironable
  •  Reusable



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