The long waited BB creams just arrived!04.02.2022

BB creams – we all heard or read that somewhere. BB stands for Blemish Balms, which is the combination of foundations and creams. After years of research and development, Solanie finally released its BB creams. The creams are available in 3 shades: light, medium and dark.

 Solanie BB creams are made with care, they do moisturize the skin, as they are enhanced with hyaluronic-acid and vitamin E. These components ensure, that the cream do not sit in the wrinkles, so it will be a light kiss on your face. Vitamin E also supports smaller healing processes, so the cream beside the light foundation effect, do care about the smaller imperfections and heal them. Its SPF protects skin from the daily harmful rays, so it is a perfect daily cream with foundation effect.

 The cream covers the skin as a weightless veil, do not clug pores, but covers small imperfections and protects skin from impurities.

Enjoy the matte, perfect natural glowing skin with effective moisturizing – choose Solanie BB creams!

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