Sunshine, Happiness, Solanie13.06.2019

Prevent early skin aging caused by sunlight with our newest Solanie UV Protect Set, which not only provides appropriate protection for your skin, but also effectively treat it after sunbathing.

The package includes the Solanie Sun Protect Cream (SPF30) which protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays as well. Besides, it protects the collagen and elastic fibre of your skin which are responsible for the firmness, helps to prevent sunburn, skin lesions and early skin ageing. Its soft formula is easy to spread, leaves no oily patches and recommended for all skin types. This sunscreen does not contain parabens, petroleum based compounds and allergenic fragrances.

The Skin Calming Phytogel (150ml) is ideal for restoring hydration and reducing irritation. The active ingredients of aloe vera and panthenol reduce the redness of the skin, and the components of eucalyptus and mint oil cool it pleasantly.

You can also find a little surprise to your perfect sunbathing.

Please find HERE our Solanie UV Protect Set

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