Summer is here07.07.2021

So is our new Solanie So Fine After Sun Lotion CALM & COOL

We all know how important  is to protect our skin against UV rays, that can cause premature aging of the skin. To avoid early aging choose the Solanie So Fine Sun Protect Creams.


But, if you were not careful enough or you have already reached the perfect tanned skin and want to keep it as long as possible, use our new Solanie So Fine After Sun Lotion CALM & COOL 150ml & 50ml.

It is ideal for soothing and hydrating red, irritated skin after sunbathing or tanning. Prolong the tanned color of the skin. Its soothing ingredients relieve redness, itching, unpleasant stretching and dryness caused by sun exposure. It helps the skin to restore its moisture content and regain its natural balance.


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