SOLANIE launches products for MEN01.03.2023

Proper skincare is essential for the well-groomed appearance of an elegant and sophisticated man. Before now we had many unscented products, what were offered for men too (Black Soap, Black Tonic, Argan Tightening Mask). But now, listening to our customer’s voice we have created products especially for men. 

Men’s skin structure is very different from women’s. If we examine the uppermost layer, the stratum corneum, it is about 15-20% thicker in men than in women due to the difference in testosterone levels, as male hormones strongly increase collagen production. The quantity and size of the sebaceous glands, as well as the size of the pores, are also larger, making their skin oilier and more prone to acne formation. While the aging process starts 10 years later in men, their collagen levels constantly decrease as they age

Our Solanie brand brings two new products specifically designed to meet the special skincare needs of men:

Solanie So Fine Hyaluron Face Cream is a perfect moisturizer optimized to replenish skin moisture. Its main ingredient is the outstandingly water-binding hyaluronic acid, supported by the synergistic effect of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and aloe vera for the best skincare results.

Solanie So Fine aftershave balm provides relief for the skin and helps reduce possible irritations. Its ingredients, such as panthenol and allantoin, reduce post-shave redness and tightness. Its nourishing compounds enhance skin elasticity.


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