Skin harmonizing and color tone equalizing anti-aging treatment27.11.2017

After summer on the sunburned face the minor pigmentation disorders and skin unevennesses are barely noticeable, but at the beginning of fall and winter the skin loses its summer brownness and the white color begins to dominate again.

The pigment spots become more visible and aesthetically spoil the natural complexion of the facial skin.

Exfoliating with alpha-hydroxy acids is one of the most popular fall-winter treatments. Depending on the concentration of the acids, it can reduce the skin level differences, refresh the skin cells, fade the pigment spots and smooth the wrinkles.

For your winter treatment we would like to give you a tip how to use our AHA Peel and Vita White products to make a complex anti-aging treatment.


  • Cleansing: SO10910 Gentle cleansing foam
  • Restoring pH level: SO20102 Phyto tonic lotion
  • Exfoliating enzymatic peeling: SO34101 Enzyme peeling
  • Restoring pH level: SO20102 Phyto tonic lotion
  • Fading pigment spots: SO21801 AHA peel 5 serum, SO21802 AHA peel 10 serum (3-3 drops, massage it by brush to 5-10 minutes), then remove it with lukewarm water.
  • Synergistic pigment spot brightening serum: SO21901 Vita White Brightening elixir
  • Ultrasound vitalizing + massage: SO21904 Vita White ACE massage mask
  • Deep cleansing and skin calming mask: SO24003 Alginate Dead sea mask
  • Sun protect finishing cream: SO21902 Vita White Brightening day cream

After the first treatment the skin becomes smooth and glowing. The tiny wrinkles soften, the pigment spots fade and the dilatation of blood vessels decrease. The skin tone becomes unity.

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