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Natural balance re-imagined

Nature’s unique feature is that it can maintain a healthy balance through self-healing processes. Nature strives for harmony with itself. It can move energy from inside, with its self-regulating systems, and it can recover and energize without external influence. The Solanie skin care product line’s concept is based on natural plant ingredients. It embodies nature’s self-healing power in cosmetology. Our products base components consist of aloe vera, Gingo biloba in addition to other natural substances, fruit and herbal extracts. These components have skin-like characteristics; they tenderly nurture, soothe, moisturize, or recharge the skin.

Five elements in cosmetology

Nature’s synergy shows many similarities with synergy necessary for the uniform operation of the human skin. A proper balance of nutrients and blood supply are necessary to maintain healthy skin, next to breathing of the skin, properly filled trace element storages, or the maintenance of immunity. The spirit of the Solanie product line is the uniform system based on the five elements known from oriental culture. The invigorating power of fire, the balance of earth, the stability and modernity of metal, the invigorating nourishing effect of water and the natural renewal and protection of wood comprise the skin care system that goes beyond a simple cosmetic treatment and gives a new vision for beauty care.

Combining ancient knowledge and modern technology

There are modern ingredients in the Solanie family, such as hyaluronic acid, gold, or plant stem cells. They selectively reinforce each type of the five elements according to the latest research. They achieve balance thus improve care and maximize effect. There is a holistic approach to skin care with ancient and modern ingredients. With the use of these products cosmetic treatments and ancillary products for home care are more than just traditional skincare. The usual skin diagnostic methods are supplemented with face diagnostics based on meridian points. This way we can get answers to the causes for visible skin blemishes.

Using the knowledge of cosmetology professionals

Cosmetology professionals and chemists develop the Solanie product line, using the centuries-old knowledge as well as the latest research in beauty care. The usable concepts are consciously selected and tried out in practice, making sure that the finished products guarantee the most reasonable results for professional use. In accordance with the tradition of Solanie Skincare, the finished skin care products are created by professionals: tailor-made for professionals of modern skin care.

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