Solanie Aroma Sense Magic moments essential oil blend 30ml


Let yourself be enchanted by this seductive, exotic fragrance that will tempt you to discover a new world!  Infused with 100% pure sweet orange, cedar, frankincense, lemon, cinnamon and ylang-ylang essential oils, this composition promotes relaxation and release tension, soothes the body and the soul, ensures effortless relaxation and a more sensual glow for romantic moments. The exotic and intoxicating ylang-ylang and spicy cinnamon, which emerge alongside the citrus scent, fill you with vitality and envelop you in a sensual aura.

a synergistic blend of 100% pure essential oils, add 3-8 drops to water in an aroma diffuser. For dry inhalation, put 1-2 drops on a tissue and inhale the fragrance 2-3 cm from the nose.

Sweet Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Olibanum Oil, Ceylon Cinnamon OIl

Natural essential oil ingredients: Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Farnesol, Geraniol, Cinnamal, Eugenol, Coumarin

It contains skin sensitizing ingredients. Due to the natural ingredients, the smell and color of the product may change slightly, and the appearance of opacity or sediment is not a quality problem.


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Aroma Sense

Solanie's newest Aroma Sense essential oils are now available to take you and your guests on a journey into the mesmerising world of holistic beauty care. Get to know this unique product concept and revive your body, mind and spirit with the "healing" effects of Aroma Sense essential oils. Essential oils, made from various plant extracts, have been used for thousands of years to refresh the body, mind and spirit. Their use is part of the beauty and health traditions of almost every culture, alon

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Solanie Exclusive programs can be used for an instant make over. Pamper your customers with caviar or gold for extraordinary skin rejuvenation. With their regular use you are able to provide a long-lasting effect.

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Skin aging is based on complex genetic and biochemical processes, in which the free radicals play a key role. These short-lived oxygen containing compounds are formed because of the energy use of the cells and also the harmful external environmental effects. They cause damage on the cells and in the long term they may damage our DNA as well. The Solanie Grape Hyaluron series includes a special Tokaj Oleo Complex(R), which is due to its high content of polyphenols able to neutralize harmful free


People have been using cosmetic masks for centuries, and nowadays these are available in many forms. Thanks to developed cosmetic technology, there are cream masks, gel masks, peel-off masks, and masks in foam and powder form. As conditioners, masks are also developed for different skin types and skin conditions. Regarding their effects, their forms can be as important as their agents. The essence of masks is that they contain targeted, large amount of agents, much more as there are in creams

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Nowadays mesotherapy is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Its popularity is based on the immediate results in treating acne, skin rejuvenating or fat reducing.


The SOLANIE ampoule line contain a special combination of ingredients. High concentration of agents strengthen each other’s effects. They are synergic. Their portion size is practical 15 ml dropper bottle, reclosable ampoules. This makes their use economical. An ampoule can be used for one month after initial opening.

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Treat your body at home or perform a massage in a beauty salon with the new So fine products. Solanie So Fine category contains products that'll be essential to your relaxing time. Selfcare is one of the most important things in life, because treating your body fine will keep your soul healthy as well.


Keep these essential products on hand in your beauty salon. Experts can choose the right massage cream or oil for face and body massage or use the ultrasound gel for any electro-cosmetic treatment where conductive medium is required.

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Prevention is the best way to address sun spots and other types of sun damage. Using a sunscreen lotion or cream daily, especially on the face and hands, is a good way to avoid sun damage.

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