NABA SPA Hand and Foot Cream


Nurturing, smoothing cream, which completes the professional manicure and pedicure treatments, or it is recommended for daily use for sensitive and dry skin. It absorbs quickly, leaves no sticky layer, but nourishes and moisturizes spectacularly. Its urea component effectively enhances the skin's water-binding capacity. Almond protein ingredient ensures the elasticity of the skin, strengthens its structure and protects it from drying out. Honey moisturizes and nourishes, chamomile extract soothes the hands, elbows and heels.


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Selected accessories that make professional work easier. These clever and decorative accessories do not have only beneficial utility functions but they provide aesthetic experience on the work table too.


The NABA Powders offer superior control and expert workability. The product does not run into the cuticles and offers a creamy, controlled application. The NABA Powders offer strength and durability in combination with NABA Liquid. They provide maximium flexibility with no lifting, cracking or bubbles. Product of champions with good adhesion and excellent clarity.They have medium setting time.


The NABA brushes are individually designed, made of selected Kolinsky hair. Top absorbent, resistant to chemicals. The manufacturer developed the NABA brushes based on the instructions of artificial nail professionals making tests. The 12 kinds of brushes in the selection cover all artificial nail techniques.

Color acrylics

Color acrylic powders of high pigment content, flexible and durable, in a proper powder-liquid ratio they have an optimal condition. You can apply them for decoration excellently.

Color gels

Color gels which no leave tacky layer, with an expanding range of colors. Due to their high pigment content, they cover also in one layer perfectly, they are durable and highly shining, so top gels are not necessary which significantly speeds up work. They have medium curing time for the whole surface, we can offer them to French end and surface colouring as well.


Disinfectants against viruses, bacteria and fungus are all-important products in every salon in order to be in compliance with high hygiene requirements.


Only for professional use. With the help of the drills you can easily and quickly shape or remove artificial nails, enhancing their efficiency in a great extent. The wide variety of polishers enable a versatile usage; they are indispensable accessories of each salon.


Unique paper files which are used with high satisfaction by professionals. Their advantage is that they are straight and curved on both edges so the utilizable surface is larger, no dead area, which prolongs their service time. The 3-step particle application ensures endurance as well.


Wide variety of sculpting gels that match the market demands, where each expert can find what are after their own heart. We offer clear and white builder gels in diverse densities, we have nail extension gels, to different skin tones, in 3 colors, but in the choice you can find extra shiny top gel and super adhesive base gels, too.


Get the most wanted products at a more favorable price! Choose our NABA kits and you will get the best deals.

Lac Gel

It combines the user-friendliness with the durability of gels; this feature is ensured through a structural change by exposure to ultra violet light. While traditional nail polish can wear out in some days by mild physical influence or by the effects of chemicals or moisture, the Lac Gel may as well keep its color for 4 weeks, due to its curing technology.

Nail art accessories

Trend-oriented and expanding choice of decorative elements from built-in to surface decorations. You can quickly and easily prepare unique and imaginative decoration with them, only fantasy can limit its versatile applicability.

Nail stickers

Self-adhesive elements to substitute decoration made by free hands.

Preparation and Cleansers

Preparatory and additional materials in a complete assortment, in elegant packings. From disinfection to pampering care.

Promotional Materials

Some salon essentials from NABA.

Scissors & nippers

Manicure tools made of stainless steel that are durable, accurate, and comply with all requirements. These tools serve professionals through their excellent material quality in the long run and to adequate standards.

Tips & Glue

Tips perfectly curved, of natural appearance, in several variations and packings. Due to their premium quality they are corresponding in competitions as well, extremely flexible, and they provide perfect holding.

UV lamps

The most modern traditional and combined (LED&CCFL) nail lamps for professional and public use. The UV lamp cure gel or UV acryl powders, materials of this type become solid only by UV illumination.

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