Long Lashes Flat D / 0,15 - 9mm


Build more durable lash extensions than traditional with Long Lashes Flat lashes. The lashes with special rhombus shape provide greater contact area for adhesion, than the traditional ones. This shape ensures easier, more effective, and last but not least faster application on the rounded natural lashes.

They weigh less than the usual lashes, it makes more comfortable to wear sets made from them. Their soft touch material creates natural look.

Why choose Long Lashes Flat lashes?

  • Their special rhombus shape provide greater contact area for adhesion, that causes more durable retention
  • Due to their revolutionary design, they set faster, so you can work with them faster, saving a lot of time
  • Flat eyelash sets are more durable, than the traditional ones 
  • They have intensive silky black colour, which provides spectacular look 
  • Their soft touch material makes it a comfortable wear
  • They weigh less than traditional lashes (the 0.15mm thick FLAT lashes are as soft touch as the 0.07 lashes, but offer a 0.20 look)
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in: C, CC and D curves

Flat lashes ideal for:

  • Beginner and intermediate lash artists 
  • Faster 1D technique
  • 20% longer lasting and 60% less weight 1D lash sets
  • Comfortable eyelash extensions

What makes Long Lashes Flat lashes special?

Flat lashes left the usual rounded shape, and got rhombus shape cross-section. This provides more ideal and greater contact area to stick false eyelashes to rounded natural ones. The joints of the Flat lashes fit on the natural lashes. 


Make sure that FLAT lashes are applied on the top or bottom of the natural lash (not on the side)!


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Tools, equipments and other salon essentials from LongLashes.

Colored lashes

To design a more enhanced look use colored lashes. Based on the natural eye color and the shape of the eyes choose from any color and express the individuality.


“ Y” lashes decorated with Swarovski stone or single Swarovksi stones can be used for decoration.

Extreme volume lashes in tray

Extreme Volume Lashes line requires a new technique. This new technique makes it possible to apply more lashes to one real lash, therefore the lashes look denser and the result is more dramatic.

Eyelash Lifting

To create longer lashes and richer look you do not have to do anything, but make the Long Lashes lifting treatment. It only takes an hour, but provides 6-8 weeks long-lasting effect.

Flat lashes

Flat lashes are here to create a more dramatic look, as they seem thicker with their special ellipse shape, but their weight is half of the normal eyelashes. Mix or one size lashes in a tray with C, CC or D curl.


Based on your experience in eyelash extension, choose the more suitable glue.

Lashes in tray

Mix or one size lashes in a tray. Choose from different sizes, curls and colors.

Luxury Mink Volume Lashes

100% natural look, 100% synthetic and 0% cruelty. Long Lashes Luxury Mink Volume Lashes have arrived to create long-lasting natural look volume sets. The lightweight, soft and silky lashes do not lose their curves even after weeks. Use them from classic sets, through double to volume ones. The lashes are available in C, CC, D curves, and 0,05mm, 0,07mm, 0,10mm thickness, in single size or mixed trays.

Pre- and after care products

All the products you need to cleanse and care the natural and built lashes.

Premade Lashes

Would like to save time? Tired of making the same fans everytime? Have many impatient clients? Long Lashes has brought the solution for all these problems. Long Lashes Premade Volume fans provide quicker and more effective way to build a 3D or 4D look. Creating Volume lashes was never this easy. The trays are available in 5 different lengths, and also in mixed edition, in C and D curl.

Premium Rapid Volume Lashes

Rapid Volume Lashes are designed to help creating 2D – 5D lash lines in a shorter period of time even with less experience. Technician needs to pick one cluster eyelash extensions, and the fan is created by itself.

Salon wear

High-quality, comfortable t-shirts and aprons for salon work.

Super Flat Lashes

Super Flat lashes are easy to apply and more durable due to their special shape. Their extra lightweight makes them more comfortable to wear.


Eyelash extensions process require suitable tools.

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