JimJams Antibacterial hand and skin sanitizer liquid 250ml


Can be used without water and soap, and does not leave sticky layer. Provides immediate protection against bacteria. Despite its high alcohol content, the product does not dry the skin. Its practical design makes it ideal to use at home and at work


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These practical tools help accomplish different tasks in the beauty salon. Apply masks, remove any residues from the skin or be creative and use them for massage too.


All skin care’s first phase is cleansing because skin freed from makeup and other skin impurities breathing better. Peeling has an important role besides daily cleansing, because it removes dead skin cells and the skin becomes more permeable, so the active ingredients of the creams penetration becomes easier.


The third phase of skin care is refill the skin with active ingredients and natural vegetable oils. Due to the synergistic effect of vitamins and active ingredients in the Jim Jams Beauty creams they specifically caring the skin according to its type and needs. In the daytime they refill the skin with vitamins and protect that from the harmful effect of environment, and helps the regeneration and nourish in the night time.

JimJams Antibacterial sanitizers

Hand disinfectant products are used to decrease infectious agent on the hands. Alcohol based sanitizers kill most bacteria, and fungi and stop most viruses if they contain at least 70% alcohol.

JimJams Baby

Skin care for the smallest ones is very important. Avoid rashes and irritation by using dermatologically tested, carefully developed products from the JimJams family. Natural ingredients, sensitive care, choose the best for babies everywhere!

Mini wet wipes

The hygiene and skin care is essential all days and during holidays. The mini JimJams Beauty products are useful to the busy daily life and even while travelling.

Skin Care Systems

new face treatment packages with home beauty device

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