Alveola Waxing Green Extra Wax 100ml Big Roller


Green Extra 100ml Wax Refill with wide roller for sensitive skin. Wax heater is needed to heat up the wax refill. Packaging: 24 pcs/carton

Product features:

  • With colophonium, non allergetic 
  • Melts after 10-15 minutes in the wax heater
  • Usable with paper strips
  • Wax can be removed with After-Wax cleansing oil
  • Wide roller for arms, legs, armpits
  • 100 ml/ pack


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Roller heads


Roller heads

There are several additional waxing accessories which can help during the process.

Traditional waxes and paraffins

Alveola traditional waxes are available in disc and tray shape, in many packages to support professionals. Beside the types for normal and sensitive skin – titandioxide and azulene -the products can be found in special forms and consistency like chocolate and intimate especially for sensitive areas.

Wax Cartridges 100ml

Alveola wax cartridges are ideal for sensitive and normal skin types. Depending on the demands of the clients or actual trends, you can find the most suitable solution at the highest quality. Result is always smooth skin with the feeling of freshness and infinity beauty.

Wax Cartridges 15-30ml

High quality cartridges in medium and mini sizes from 15ml to 30ml with removable roller head that ensure hair removal in facial and intimate areas. The products can be found for normal and sensitive skin types.

Wax Cartridges 75ml

High-quality Alveola 75ml cartridge product range includes three of the most popular types of waxes. The removable roller head cartridges provide an economical and high-quality work moreover allows the choice to professionals to find the best solution for normal and sensitive skin.

Wax heaters

If you are looking for special heaters for individual purposes Alveola can help you to find the best products to your wishes. Special wax heaters can help if you want to combine different heaters. Wax or paraffin? Standard waxes or wax cartridges? You will surely find the right equipment.

Waxes in jar

Alveola waxes in jar are available to professionals in several shapes. The jars are compatible with the 800ml and 400ml capacity wax heaters. Next to the waxes enhanced with titanium dioxide and azulene for normal and sensitive skin, an intimate wax and sugar paste is available as well, which is developed especially for depilating the sensitive areas.

Waxing accessories

There are several additional waxing accessories which can help during the process. Alveola policy is to provide the highest quality not only in waxes but additional products: roller heads, waxing strips, tins and the indispensable skin care products form the full range of Alveola products.

Waxing strips

Waxing strips are essential for waxing, in our portfolio they are available in several quality and packaging. The waxing strips are coming in roll-on and strip wrapping with multiple colours, sizes and packaging to choose from.

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