Gold mask 250ml


An elixir for surface and deep layer dehydrated, energy-poor, matured skins. If applied turgor of skin will spectacularly improve, skin will become totally smooth and creamy. Smaller vein dilatations will disappear, erythema will be decreased. Acacia flower honey is extremely rich in sugars, trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins, while it is highly moisturizing, nourishing, and soothing. The Indian tigergrass (Centella) is skin sensitivity decreasing and collagen forming. Caviar extract is an intensive nourishing and recuperative factor.
Main ingredients:
nanoparticals of 24-carat gold, acacia flower honey, caviar- and centella extract, panthenol, allantoin, creatin


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AHA-peel and skin brigthening Line

Regular mechanical and chemical peels of the skin surface not only ensure to maintain the permeability of the skin, but they are also extremely important factors in terms of rejuvenating the skin's structure. Regular facial peels activate the processes of cell development, thereby stimulate the growth of new cells in the deeper layers. The new Solanie AHA-Peel products are the newest representatives of modern peels containing alpha hydroxy acids. The exfoliation is controlled well by the concen

Argan stem cells skin care line

The new Argan stem cells line of Solanie..

Basic line

Experts can choose the best cream for the massage type from the rich collection of Solanie Basic Massage Creams. In virtue of their active substance content they can be used alone, due to their condition they are convenient to a full massage without adding any oil or water. Solanie Basic Massage Oils include a precious vegetable oil complex. They can excellently be applied alone to face and body massage or poured by drops to massage creams.


Cleansing intensively and using the appropriate product for your skin type is the basis of healthy skin and effective skincare. Therefore, it is not recommended to miss out this few-minute daily routine, because without it even the most expensive nourishing products cannot fully take effect. The skin is exposed to a lot of pollutants during the day, and in the morning we have to remove the sweat and the toxins released by the skin during the night. In case we put make-up on in the morning, the


The SOLANIE ampoule line contain a special combination of ingredients. High concentration of agents strengthen each other’s effects. They are synergic. Their portion size is practical 15 ml dropper bottle, reclosable ampoules. This makes their use economical. An ampoule can be used for one month after initial opening.


It is a somewhat polarized standpoint, of course, but it is a fact that protecting, hydrating and nourishing skin must commence in time, because the delay of signs of aging can be a real purpose, but already occurred changes are not always reversible. In such cases there is the question of why do ladies nowadays have to start skincare early and why do they have to buy the newest products, while our grandmothers have only used one kind of face cream all their life? Well, nowadays our skin is expo

Exclusive lines

Its extracts are from famous Russian caviar. It is abundant in life supporting substances, this ensures that using it in the right combination refreshes, activates and energizes. In facial treatment acts as a skin dope.

Facial Skin Care sets

In the course of home skin care the most useful thing you can do to your clients is to help them to choose the right products according to their skin type. The goal is to give proper instructions without making any mistake.

Grape-hyaluron Skin Care Line

Skin aging is based on complex genetic and biochemical processes, in which the free radicals play a key role. These short-lived oxygen containing compounds are formed because of the energy use of the cells and also the harmful external environmental effects. They cause damage on the cells and in the long term they may damage our DNA as well. The Solanie Grape Hyaluron series includes a special Tokaj Oleo Complex(R), which is due to its high content of polyphenols able to neutralize harmful free


People have been using cosmetic masks for centuries, and nowadays these are available in many forms. Thanks to developed cosmetic technology, there are cream masks, gel masks, peel-off masks, and masks in foam and powder form. As conditioners, masks are also developed for different skin types and skin conditions. Regarding their effects, their forms can be as important as their agents. The essence of masks is that they contain targeted, large amount of agents, much more as there are in creams

MesoPeptide Line



Nowadays mesotherapy is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Its popularity is based on the immediate results in treating acne, skin rejuvenating or fat reducing.

Organic line

The brand new line of SOLANIE Professional Cosmetic combining the Alpine herbs’ and high quality plant oils’ healing properties with the latest developed ECOCERT ingredients. The products do not contain mineral oils, silicone, parabens and sythetic fragrances and colourings morover PEG emulsifiers.

Sun Protection

Prevention is the best way to address sun spots and other types of sun damage. Using a sunscreen lotion or cream daily, especially on the face and hands, is a good way to avoid sun damage.

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