JimJams Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint Brown 15ml


For professional use only!

Long-lasting, richly pigmented eyelash and eyebrow tints, in 15ml edition. Especially recommended for clients who love natural shades or have dark brown hair. Its mixture with 3% oxidant allow to apply easily and provide long-lasting effect. Mix with any other JimJams tint and reach the color you wished for, create matching eyelashes and eyebrows with the client's hair and makeup.

  • Size: 15 ml
  • Enough to perform approx. 72 tinting/tube
  • Tinting lasts up to 4-6 weeks
  • Intensive color
  • Perfect cover
  • Gently formula
  • Easy, safety usage

To use the product properly JI1013 JimJams 3% oxidant is a must have accessory.


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Thanks to the creamy soft texture of JimJams eyelash and eyebrow tint the eyelashes and eyebrow are gently and intensively coloured. Due to the long-lasting formula the intensive shades last up to 6 weeks. 15ml lasts for approximately 70 treatments.

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Working with professional tools is necessary for easy and professional job. JimJams brand includes all of the accessories that may be needed during a professional eyelashes and eyebrows tinting procedure.

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