Pampering care and holistic healing – Solanie Aroma Sense line26.03.2022

Solanie released a whole new line, based on the power of nature and holistic healing. Essential oils have been serving people from ancient times. They all have known the beneficial effects of baths with aromas. For today, aromatherapy become a whole new area of science and trained aromatherapists create unique treatments to spread the word of well-being with essential oils.


Solanie would like to gave this power to its beauticians, to create a unique treatment, where the cream or gel is specially composed to serve that one client, who is under the hands of the cosmetician. Solanie created a gel and a cream enriched in vitamins and hyaluronic acid to present these special treatments. 13 mono oils, 2 special essential oil blends, 4 carrier oils and 2 carrier oil blends were made to fulfill all the needs. A special massage cream can be created by adding several essential and carrier oils or oil blends to the base cream. 


Enhance the beneficial effects of the essential oils, by applying them with a Gua Sha massage! For professional use the options are almost infinite. Use the essential oils with only a carrier oil and present a nourishing massage, or mix essential oils with creams and gels and enhance their effect, or give an extra one to it. Use not only for face, but also for body treatments, as some oil has anti-cellulite, anti-aging properties.


Recommend Aroma Sense products for home use, give pure essential oils, or oil blends to the clients or create a unique cream for them. 6 essential oil blends are only for diffusers, both for professional salons and home use. Each mono or blend essential oil is appropriate to use in saunas or baths.


Please note, that these are 100% pure essential oils, using them without any carrier oil or cream is forbidden. Always prepare a small patch test before applying the essential oil on the skin.


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