New So fine product on board03.08.2022

As Solanie’s So fine line is getting more and more popular, it is out now with a brand new product:


Active Shape Slimming Contour Gel 150ml


As you shape your future day by day, Solanie’s Contour Gel shapes your body if you use it well.

 If you go for a run and would like to feel extra burn, or would like to enjoy the warming effect of the gel while chilling on the couch to reduce cellulite, this gel is effective for both.

  Its oil free composition is enriched with extracts of arnica, horse chestnut and ginkgo. The unique component of the gel is the HotFlux® complex, which gently stimulates the skin’s microcirculation without burning sensation, and helps to get rid of toxins released from fat cells. 

The gel is not an invasive one, so feel free to use it on even sensitive skin, too. 

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