New season – new lashes07.09.2021

If you work with lash extensions you know that is important to follow trends and learn about new techniques to make your work easier. See, why our new collections can be your best choice for the new season:

Luxury Volume Mink eyelashes

The highest quality of mink lashes are made of 100% premium synthetic mink fibers. 

These lashes are very soft, flexible and the best resemblance of natural lashes. To get the most benefit create a double or volume lash set. Available curves, sizes, lengths: 

C, CC, D; 0.10-0.07-0.05; 6-13mm.

 • Vegan

• Latex free

• Matte effect

• Silky, soft feel

• Luxury effect

• Animal-free

• Lightweight adhesive tape for easier faning

• Formaldehyde-free

• Manual and machine manufacturing

• Two-phase quality control


Premium Premade Volume Fans

 Premade volume fans help experiencedeyelash artists to create the volume set in half the time. But even beginners can make a good use of these fans and start offering their 3D – 4D volume sets.

 • Premade fans are quick and easy to use 

• Volume lash sets can be prepared in half the time

• Short stem can be picked up with one swift move and dipped into a drop of glue

• Fans do not fall apart

• All eyelash fans are made of 100% synthetic fibers

• Vegan

• Animal-free

• Latex free

• Formaldehyde-free



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