New deep cleansing masks with instant result20.07.2018

Two new Solanie masks have been launched at the beginning of the summer. They are effective and refreshing at the same time and deeply cleanse skin. These new antioxidant and face freshening peel off masks are now part of the Basic series and already available.


The effects of different creams, serums, ampules are limited when the surface of the skin is not properly cleansed. Dead skin cells and impurities on the skin surface block the absorption of the substances. This sometimes inhibits the mode of action of the active ingredients. Cleansing and peeling are indispensable steps of an everyday skin care routine. This not only makes the skin permeable but also stimulates the production of new skin cells after exfoliating the old ones.

Solanie’s two new peel-off cleansing masks could help you to create an effective and deep cleansing skin care routine. The liquid formula easily takes the shape of the surface of the skin, penetrates deeply into the pores and between the dead skin cells. After the mask solidifies, it is removed and cleans the skin from grime and dead skin cells. Besides their cleansing effect, the antioxidant pomegranate mask protects the skin cells from oxidative stress, while the skin freshening cucumber mask vitalizes the skin during the treatment.

SO23016 Skin freshening cleansing peel off face mask

SO23017 Antioxidant cleansing peel off face mask

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