New cabin size Solanie serums and alginate masks14.03.2019

Three new alginate masks and two serums arrived into our cabin size collection. With the new bigger size products we fulfill the request of our partners to provide more economic commodities to professional salon treatments.

Cabin size products are indispensable during professional beauty treatments. Normalization of costs is essential for professional users in any case and bigger size means more economic usage. 

According to the demand of our partners we offer five new cabin size products. Our retail size 15ml Apple stem cells and Grape-hyaluron serums now are available in 30ml format with the same formula as you are used to.

Our new economic friendly alginate masks are available in 90g jar format and provide enough material for 11 treatments at the price of 10 treatments. Lets’s try our new arrivals and operate your beauty salon on the most economic way.

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