Luxury MesoPeptide Line05.03.2019

Let’s discover our brand-new anti-aging line with a special no-needle rejuvenating effect and peptides.

Peptides: building blocks of life

Proteins are indispensable parts of the physiological processes in the human organ. So called polipeptides have different types and their biological functions are behind skin renewal and regeneration processes. They influence not only communication processes between cells but also essential for the utilization of active substances. The shortage of peptides blocks the regeneration processes of mature and the normal function of younger skin types.

Solanie MesoPeptide: fascinating skin care concept

The new Solanie skin care line combines the varied effects of peptides with the top of the cosmetic treatments so called mesotherapy. Three easy steps help you enhance the penetration of the applied products, boost the utilization of active substances and recover skin structure while no-needle mesotherapy effect is working.

Special super complexes with 3 synergistic peptides

Our no-needle mesotherapy elixires are based on an individual 3 petides formula and provide the same effect like collagen injection treatments used by aesthetics surgeons. These supercomplexes include synergistic ingredients formula according to the human skin types and provide quick and fast results in your bathroom or in professional beauty saloons.

Make a cosmetic studio from your bathroom with our full treatment concept

New Solane MesoPeptide line provides a full treatment concept at your home. You can maximalize the penetration and rejuvenating effect of our peptide complexes with our enzyme peeling and Booster-In cream. Skin cleansing as a first step helps you remove impurities from the skin surface and provide ultimate penetration effect for the peptides used after it. Booster-In cream repairs structural errors of the human skin and helps utilize active substances and peptides. With these easy steps you can enjoy a smoother, firmer, lifted, hydrated skin according to your skin type.

Let’s discover our new anti-aging line and be part of the revolution of skin care!

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