Long Lashes Tweezers: There are no more straggly lashes12.07.2019

Flawless work can only be achieved with flawless tweezers and for that you can find 15 different types of Long Lashes tweezers.

If it is important for you to do precise work with precision tools, do not hesitate to choose adequately to your goal and style.

Precision work can only be carried out with precision tools, which is especially true for eyelash extension. You are working near the eyes during the process so you should carefully consider your choice of tools because you can do damage not only to the extension what you want to build but also to your guest as well.

Long Lashes offers 15 tweezers with different shapes and sizes to professionals. You do not lose any caught lashes with the specially machined metal tips which close perfectly. With their lightweight design the work is comfortable and you only need a little energy to compress the handles and keep the tips closed.

You can also buy the tweezers in our online store:

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