Long Lashes Trainings

Long Lashes leading trainer


Name: Nelli KovĂĄcs

„I love my work because it is creative, and different, but mainly because it feels good to be able to pass my knowledge through a course and then my students can work boldly on their own.”

„I've already had a course where tears dropped, and I've heard a lot of that "I cannot do it" and "it was a lot easier to watch". We will not stop here! Lot of patience and precision are required in this work, but what inspires me is that after a couple of months or years - with the practice, of course - I get a lot of positive feedback from my students and this is why I consider my work as my profession.”

2010  In October, I learned the technique of eyelash extension and since then I am in love with it.

2011  I got my cosmetic profession and opened my own business that year.

2012  From May I continued my work as an instructor at Alveola Ltd., a member of the Long Lashes Team, and I participated the International Cosmetic Congress and other professional events organized by Alveola.

2013-2016  Alveola organized its World of Beauty program from 2013 – to 2016. I was the member of this tournament. This program was held all around Hungary, visiting different cities and educated eyelash artists.

2014-2015  I worked as a jury at the Beauty Forum Lash-style Eyelash Extension Cup.

2016  In the past couple of years, I participated in basic and advanced eyelash stylist trainings, and I also learned how to create a thicker eyebrow line or apply the Volume Lashes. At the beginning of 2016 I attended a Mega Volume training, I learned from Nelly Soimi, who came straight from Kazakhstan.


1. Long Lashes basic course
You can learn the theoretical background of the eyelash extension, and learn the basics within the practical tutorial.

- Theoretical presentation of the eyelash extensions
- Eye shapes and their matching eyelash extensions
- Eye shape correction
- Practical presentation of eyelash extensions
- Practicing on a model

2. Long Lashes double technique course
The theme of the course is teaching you the special double technique and how to apply Flat and HD lashes, create thickness, and apply of the different decorative elements.

3. Long Lashes Extreme Volume course
The theme of the course is Volume Technique which helps you to create even more spectacular look for your clients. With this technique you can apply more eyelashes to one natural lash, so the effect is more conspicuous.

4. Long Lashes WonderBrow course
You can learn how to enrich the eyebrows.

- Theoretical presentation of WonderBrow technique
- Practical presentation of WonderBrow technique
- Practicing on a model


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