Eyelash Extensions

LongLashes brand offers a wide range of products for eyelash extensions. The eyelash extension has numerous advantages that make it one of the most popular services on the cosmetic market in the 21st century.

  • After its application, mascara is not needed, thus the ladies can save time with it
  • Since it is waterproof, it provides a natural, yet contour, effect even after sports and bathing
  • The short lashes become longer, the rare lashes become more, the thin lashes become thicker
  • It has a natural effect, it is seamless

Long Lashes is introducing number of innovations based on the latest trends and consumer’s demands. By now the beauticians have a wide range of lashes, glue, tools and other accessories to select from.

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Premium Rapid Volume Lashes

Rapid Volume Lashes are designed to help creating 2D – 5D lash lines...
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Flat and Super Flat lashes

Flat lashes are here to create a more dramatic look, as they seem...
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Colored lashes

To design a more enhanced look use colored lashes. Based on the...
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Extreme volume lashes in tray

Extreme Volume Lashes line requires a new technique. This new...
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Lashes in tray

Mix or one size lashes in a tray. Choose from different sizes, curls...
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“ Y” lashes decorated with Swarovski stone or single Swarovksi...
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Eyelash Lifting

Special starter kits have been created in order to try out the...
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Eyelash extensions process require suitable tools.
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3D Lashes in bulk

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HD Lashes

High Definition lashes in mixed packs (8-13 mm) with extraordinary...
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Based on your experience in eyelash extension, choose the more...
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Tools, equipments and other salon essentials from LongLashes.
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