Intimate Hygiene & Cosmetics

The “purity is health”. A healthy life is essential to decent personal hygiene. Today, the cleanliness and hygiene is an important part of intimacy. Particular attention should be paid to the purity and freshness of intimate body parts. A healthy woman has clean vagina, produced by lactic acid bacteria in it shall ensure the appropriate balance. However, if this balance fall over, the vagina has weakened defenses, and thus decreases the resistance of the intimate area from infections. It is important to know that the average daily soaps and shower gels are not suitable to the care of the intimate areas, since it is alkaline, and thus menace the slightly acidic pH balance of intimate areas. The normal vaginal pH levels ranging from 3,8-4,2. The X-Epil Intimo products and components ensure the retention of normal pH level.

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Intimate Cosmetics

Enhance intimate pleasure with X-Epil intimate cosmetics. Set the mood...
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Intimate washing gels

X-Epil Intimo products provides mild and gentle cleansing for intimate...
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Intimate wet wipes

Wipes are calming, caring and refreshing. It contains Aloe Vera and...
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