Home use skin care

For more than 20 years our mission is to make every day skin care easier for women at their home.

Stepping into a new dimension of beauty care Alveola presents the new generation JimJams Beauty skin care family which changes the home skin care at the basics. Effectiveness of a skin care product depends not just on the ingredients but also the deliberately selected harmonized components. We achieved this harmony with the work of well-skilled Hungarian chemists and beauty care professionals.

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JimJams Serum Line

Serums play a key role in skincare, containing a few active...
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JimJams Baby

Skin care for the smallest ones is very important. Avoid rashes and...
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Original Aloe Vera Cream

The healing effect of aloe vera plant has been used for hundreds of...
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JimJams Antibacterial sanitizers

Hand disinfectant products are used to decrease infectious agent on...
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All skin care’s first phase is cleansing because skin freed from...
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Skin with proper moisture content can absorb more active ingredient,...
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The third phase of skin care is refill the skin with active...
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Skin Care Systems

new face treatment packages with home beauty device
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