Holiday season ahead – Gift ideas by Solanie22.11.2021

As the leaves turn brown, we are heading to holiday season, the sunny hours are replaced by cosy dark afternoons. Enjoy the calm afternoons, don’t run shop by shop to find the perfect gifts, just choose some of our beauty sets.

If you would fly away from the dark, cold nights and would rather be at an exotic place choose one of the Pampering beauty sets. Dive into the ocean of flowers, fly to relaxing, exotic places by spreading mesmerizing scents to the gray weekdays. Choose the Damask Rose or the Orange Blossom aromatic water edition. Close your eyes, and pamper your eye area with Q10 Liposome eye zone creamgel. Spray, relax and feel the scents!

If you only wish to rest next to a fireplace, and feel the heat on you skin when you want to, not everyday, use Solanie Clean & Cool beauty set. Ichtyol in the black soap has a beneficial effect on inflammed, acne-prone, acne-irritated skin and helps restore normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Australian tea trea oil will give a gentle, cool kiss to the inflammed skin on your face, or even on your scalp.

We all know that beauty comes from within, so Solanie prepared two sets for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Beauty supplements will give a kickstart for the „new year, new me” resolutions, take care of yourselves by supporting your skin, hair and nails from within. Remove dead skin cells together with the bad habits, use Solanie peel off masks, and face the holiday season with a glowing look.

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