Healthy skin for the hands20.03.2020

Now that stopping the spread of the COVID-19 is our primary goal, there is no question about the importance of removing viruses from hands. This rule is always a priority, but now it is more important than ever, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Although the virus can be eliminated by soapy hand washing, many people prefer disinfectant soap or hand sanitizers for safety. However, if you wash hands several times a day, the skin's own protective layer is removed from the surface. The elimination of the protective lipid layer makes the surface of the skin dry, rough and especially open to viruses.

That is why it would be important to support the rebuilding of this protective layer in addition to disinfection. All you need is a cream that replenishes the oily phase with fatty acids. It is able to replace the skin's natural line of defence, preventing further dehydration and providing support for its regenerative processes.

Choose the following Solanie products for yourself and recommend them to your guests.

After the excessive use of disinfectants and soap throughout the day, you must moisturize your hands, do not miss out our hand cream, which is perfect to place it in your bag due to its size:

SO23018 - Solanie Hand Cream Softening & Nourishing 50 ml: 

The shea butter, sunflower-, paraffin and almond oil do not only form a film layer on the surface of the skin, but also support the regeneration processes with their Vitamin E, F and A contents. It also soothes irritated skin through its chamomile and panthenol ingredients.

SO20204 Solanie Kukui-mineral massage cream 250ml, is Solanie's finest regenerating product, which is rich in vitamins, phytosterols, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing agents. Its wound-healing and regenerating effect is essential for strengthening the skin's defence line. The Solanie Kukui Massage Cream contains essential minerals in the form of well-utilized organic salts, that are necessary for the normal functioning of epithelial tissues. The wheat germ oil and shea butter also support the skin's natural healing process.

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