Great news! Our new product Solanie Black Tonic has arrived!19.06.2019

We are dedicated to serve our customers and meet the expectations of the market the best way we can. This requires constant improvement and our product development team is always searching for new ideas and innovations.

The Black Tonic was inspired by our widely popular and unique product, Solanie Black Soap. It is recommended to be used after cleansing with the Black Soap to restore the skins’ PH balance and to increase hydration.

It is an anti-bacterial zinc-free non-alcoholic moisturizing tonic for soothing and nourishing the oily, unclean, acne-prone skin. Ichthyol and herbal extracts have a beneficial effect on excessive sebum secretion and on restoring the optimum condition of oily skin as well. Salicylic acid helps to prevent acne by removing sebum accumulated in the pores. The soothing allantoin supports the process of regeneration while providing proper care for the needs of sensitive and irritated skin.

The Black Tonic is available for professional use with 250 ml size and also for home usage in size of 150 ml as well. 

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