Get to know the new LONG LASHES RUBY EXPERT Glue!03.11.2020

This glue will become your favourite in an instant! Its incredible features allow you to work quickly, accurately and precisely. More resistant than ever, low viscosity formula, less likely cause irritation and has a ruby colour! Sounds good, right?

Why is it ruby?
It is not a well-known fact that allergic reaction is not only caused by the cyanoacrylate found in almost all false eyelash glues. Black pigment is also a strong allergen and is found in most eyelash glues.

Long Lashes Ruby Expert glue does not contain black pigment. Low-evaporation, fluid, clear formula has only minimal amount of red pigment, which are less irritant.

Whom is it recommended for?
The new Long Lashes Ruby Expert glue  is recommended for experienced eyelash stylists, as the setting time is 0.5-1 sec. You can work with it quickly and cleanly.

For what kind of technique is it recommended?
It is recommended to be used for any technique, but you can use its advantages mostly when creating 2D or volume sets. Its liquid formula allows you to avoid getting an excess amount of glue on your eyelash fan.

Tips for usage and storage:
Store unopened in a cool, dry place protected from light until the date indicated on the package
Can be used for 1 month after opening, but retains its quality in the Long Lashes Vacuum Glue Holder for even longer
Shake well for at least 30 seconds before dropping
Use it at room temperature around 24-26C degrees and the humidity should be 40-60%

LLA11013 Long Lashes Ruby Expert Glue 5g (link mutasson a termĂŠkre:

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