Get infused with the scents of Solanie Aroma Sense line14.06.2022

We all know, and have already experienced, that „chemistry” works, and even love can be created in the air. Aroma Sense essential oil blends for diffusers would like to create the atmosphere what you may need. Choose the one, that suits your cosmetic salon’s vibe, treatments and mood. Let’s have a look at the brand new products!

Be motivated and make your dreams come true! An inspiring and encouraging fragrance composition. It can help balance emotions, boosts self-confidence and induces a positive attitude. Due to its relaxing, mood-enhancing and energizing effects, it cheers up the heart and mind, restores mental balance and supports physical and mental well-being.

 Forget the stress of everyday life with this relaxing essential oil blend. Thanks to its selected ingredients, it promotes relaxation and release tension, relieves the symptoms of insomnia and makes it easier to fall asleep. It has a calming effect on both body and mind, helps you to calm down and relax.


Splash into the positive vibes of juicy citrus and the dolce vita, and feel the power of the Mediterranean sun on your skin! Create a light atmosphere, fill the space with uplifting fragrance and disinfect the air with the power of nature. Boost your mood, improve vitality and help to increase mental freshness when working or studying. Use a drop of this oil blend to have a positive effect on mind, mood and to eliminate anger and frustration.



Clear your mind and boost your brain with this essential oil blend. Helps to enhance mental sharpness and concentration, even in the daily learning process. Creates an energizing and invigorating environment that provides an inspiring and motivating positive feeling. Ensures a creative atmosphere in which we can accomplish our tasks more easily.


Let yourself be enchanted by this seductive, exotic fragrance that will tempt you to discover a new world. This composition promotes relaxation and release tension, soothes the body and the soul, ensures effortless relaxation and a more sensual glow for romantic moments. The exotic and intoxicating blend will fill you with vitality and envelop you in a sensual aura.

Boost the energy level and natural immunity of your body by inhaling this fresh, intense, cleansing scent! A true life-energy booster composition with antibacterial effect. The inhaled energizing fragrance creates a pleasant fresh sensation in the respiratory tract, promotes airway permeability and supports sinus clearing.


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