Alveola received numerous Superbrands awards24.06.2022

X-epil has won the award for the 8th time for its unique quality and position on the home use depilation market. X-Epil is a trustful brand for a reasonable price with many years of experience.

Mariann Varga, the brand manager of X-Epil made a statement to Superbrands:

"I joined Alveola in 2000 and in the more than 20 years since then I have tried almost every X-Epil product without exception and have become an expert in hair removal.

The success of X-Epil lies in its wide range of products and the fact that it offers a solution for all types of hair removal procedures. I myself use a variety of methods to get rid of unwanted hair.

Our continuous development and stability are also due to our well-established partnerships, without it, our products would not reach the consumers. "

For the first time, Jimjams home use skincare brand finally received the Superbrands award. Many years of brand and product development paid out and we finally reached the level what we would like to keep and raise. 

Beside home use brands, Alveola has received a Business Superbrands award. This is a valuable feedback for the work what we present everyday. 

So what is a Superbrand? What is X-Epil and JimJams and Alveola?

"A Superbrand offers consumers significant emotional and/or physical advantages over it's competitors which (consciously or sub-consciously) consumers want, recognise, and are willing to pay a premium for."


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