All you need to know about eyelash curls07.07.2022

Eyelash extension is in its heyday, with an increasing emphasis on different effects and styling techniques, for which a comprehensive knowledge of curles is essential. If you're a beginner, or if you've been doing eyelash extensions for years, join us now in this blog post and learn all about eyelash curls and their correct application!


J curl

J curl eyelashes are the most similar to the shape of natural eyelashes. They have a very slight natural curl, which gives the most natural effect. Thanks to the natural curve of J curl lashes, they can adhere to the natural lashes over a large surface area, resulting in increased durability. Ideal for men or women who would like to have thicker lashes but with a conservative look.

The J curl is recommended to fit straight or upward curled lashes. In terms of eye shapes, J curl alone is not suitable for optical correction of eye shapes.


B curl 

B curl can also be used to achieve a natural effect. It has a greater curve than J, which reduces the surface area of adhesion, but still gives a very durable result. The final effect of B curl lashes is similar to a slightly curled lash, slightly opening up the look, giving the wearer a natural and stylish look.  For the increasingly popular foxy or eyeliner effect sets, it can be an excellent choice for inner lashes.

Curl B is recommended for straight or upward curved lashes. In terms of eye shapes, B curl alone is not suitable for optical correction of eye shapes.


C curl 

This is the most popular curl, as its curve gives a spectacular but not overly dramatic result. It is eye-opening and can be used on most eye shapes without any problems. The C curl can be used on its own to achieve stunning results, but can also be blended with other curls to take advantage of the levelled technique or to help you achieve the hottest trends.

C curl can be used to create straight, upward or downward curved lashes. The following eye shapes can be optically corrected by using the C curl: large eyes, bulging eyes, deep-set eyes (using shorter sizes).


CC curl

CC curl has a greater curvature than C curl, which means it has a smaller contact area with the natural lashes. The dramatic effect can be absolutely achieved  with this curve, so experiment with it for guests who want to stand out with their lashes.

CC curves are also recommended for lashes that curve upwards or downwards. For very straight lashes, the application may be less permanent due to the small adhesive surface.

CC curved lashes can be used in almost any style if applied correctly, but should be avoided on their own for the following eye shapes: hooded eyes, round eyes, wide set eyes.


D curl

One of the toughest lash curles, it gives an extreme, dramatic effect. It has one of the smallest adhesive surfaces. It can be used alone or in combination with other curles. Optically enlarges and rounds the eyes.

Not recommended for downward curved lashes due to the small adhesive surface. Perfect for hooded eyes and guests with drooping lids. Do not use it alone on the following eye shapes: large eyes, round eyes, bulging eyes.

M curl

M is one of the most unique and innovative eyelash extension curls on the market. Thanks to its straight base, it offers one of the most durable results and can be used to correct practically any optical unevenness. It's a must-have for the most fashionable eyeliner and fox effect stylings. It stretches the look and opens it up at the same time, so it's the best choice.

A must-have for every eyelash stylist is the M curl MIX tray. Beware, it is addictive for your guests!

L curl

L curled eyelashes have been on the market for longer than we think. They have a flat base and a sharp, dramatic curl that looks more like the letter L. It is most often used in combination with other curles, but can also be used on its own for a beautiful result. As well as being eye-catching, its versatility is great.  It can also be used to beautifully correct a downturned eye shape and can easily be applied to straight lashes. Last but not least, it is a must for fashionable eyeliner and fox effect stylings.

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