Nowadays one of the most hateful skin problems for teenagers and for adults also, is inflamed acne and oily skin. At a young age, this skin problem is due to hormonal changes but these may also occur later in life if our lifestyle and diet are different from normal. Polluted air in cities, fast-food eating can worsen skin conditions, just like stress, consumption of excisable goods (e.g. alcohol, cigarette) or sleep deprivation.

If you do not have any skin problem yet, then prevent it. But if you already have it, let's find out what we can do to solve it. Our experts’ tips will help you find the best way to build your daily skin care routine and solve skin problems.

Do not dry your skin!

One of the main rules for treating oily, acne-prone skin is not to dry the skin completely by washing off the oily sheen. While it would be evident to do this, if you are drying the skin you practically encourage it to re-produce sebum, which will further worsen its condition. It is important that whatever you use, hydration should be an integral part of your skincare routine as well as cleansing. Use a tonic or a light cream and restore the hydration of your skin.

Focus on the root of the problem

The causes of the appearance of oily, acne-prone skin can be well defined medically. During adolescence it can occur due to hormonal changes just like in adulthood due to poor nutrition (processed foods, fast food) or prolonged stress associated with smoking and alcohol consumption. It is important to examine the causes before you start to take care of the skin problem, because as a youngster we might handle it as a temporary condition and treat only the symptoms, as an adult we may need lifestyle changes in addition to treating the symptoms.

Be consistent

It's an eternal rule that you don't have to apply everything on your face! Find 2-3 skin care products that will help cleanse, tonify and hydrate your skin. And if you have voted, leave time for the products to prove themselves before you fall into trying out another one. It is important that the effects of your chosen skin care products are built on each other and help reduce the condition of the oily shine, optimize sebum function and reduce any inflammation. You won't find them in 1 skincare product, but 2-3 can give you the perfect combination. You can use black soap and toner for cleansing and a tonic or velvety cream to restore hydration.

Do not be rest to seek the assistance of a skin care specialist

If you are unsure about your skin care, don’t be shy to ask your beautician or in severe cases your dermatologist for help. If you already know how to treat your skin you have already taken a huge step towards success. Professionals will surely establish a good diagnosis, which is essential for eliminating skin imperfections. You may need to visit a beautician on a regular basis and accompany your salon treatment with home care, or you may only use your home skin care products after only one salon treatment. And it is also possible that you can easily solve your skin problems by only using home care products.

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