35% more durable Super Flat lashes from Long Lashes12.06.2019

Super Flat lashes are the brand new and the most innovative products of Long Lashes.

You can make your clients lashes extremely long-lasting and easier to wear with the newest collection of Long Lashes. The Super Flat collection with the revolutionary new lashes provides a more lasting effect than ever before, and makes wearing comfortable thanks to lightened material usage.

Super Flat Lashes has a large adhesive surface due to its special rhombus shape. The curved end is adjusted to the cross-section of the natural eyelashes and smoothly covers them, so it adheres on the possible largest area. Combined with the extra lightweight material, this gives a 35% higher durability.

The speciality of the Super Flat Lashes is not only the extremely flattened adhesive surface and the lighter material use, but also the doubled ends. With a snake tongue-like design, the lashes are adhered at one single point, yet they seem doubled at the end, increasing the volume of the eyelash extension. 

You can find the Super Flat collection on our website, click HERE

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